About Us

About PleadFast
The brainchild of attorney Jason Turchin, Esq., creator of the original “My Attorney App”,
PleadFast endeavors to revolutionize document and legal pleading creation. In 2009,
Jason developed a way to mobilize law firms to create a new medium for attorneys
and clients to interact. The result was the My Attorney App, a mobile phone application
downloaded to a user’s phone through the iTunes app store or Google Play (formerly
the Android Market). The My Attorney App allows clients and prospective clients to
communicate directly with a particular law firm, store information about their case, get
free legal advice and tips, and otherwise make it simple for clients to communicate with
their attorney.

PleadFast now brings document creation to the next level of simplified technology. In
just a few easy steps, you can create a variety of legal documents, including Living
Wills, Designation of Health Care Surrogate forms, Medical Authorization forms, and
even a Will. More documents and applications are currently in development, so check
back often.